All hotels, regardless of their size, have some impact on the community and environment they operate in. At 19 Rooms, one of our brand values is Being Sustainable and we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that the day-to-day operations of our hotel revolve around reducing the impact we have on our local community, as well as the environment. We deliver on this by also involving our guests because we feel that, if guests understand our vision, they will buy into it and help us deliver on our sustainability goals.

Our Sustainability Strategy is built around 5 pillars:

i. Reduce our Carbon Footprint

ii. Source Local

iii. Involving our Guests

iv. Green Mobility

v. Community Events

I. Reduce our Carbon Footprint

We constantly endeavour to bring our carbon footprint down to zero or to a negligible amount. We go about this in a number of ways – i) we are constantly looking at ways of reducing the consumption of energy and water through a number of different ways; ii) we have a strong culture of reduce, reuse and recycle across our entire hotel operations; and iii) we track our consumption and carbon footprint on a regular basis, and always have an improvement plan in place to minimise our footprint.

II. Source Local

We do our best to use locally grown ingredients for our food preparation and, in the absence of suitable alternatives, find ways of using products that come from neighbouring countries to again reduce the carbon footprint. We will also reduce the amount of food waste and find suitable solutions to share any excess food with parts of the local community that need support and nourishment.

III. Involving Our Guests

We are seeing that a larger number of our guests are looking for hotels that focus on sustainable operations. Making them aware of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and including them in local events makes them feel part of the solution. Having them on board is crucial for us since they have such a significant impact on our consumption of water and electricity as well as food wastage. By reducing the laundry and linen changes, being more careful with their consumption of water and electricity and by being considerate in what they order for breakfast, they can make a large contribution towards reducing our impact on the environment.

IV. Green Mobility

We encourage our guests to use alternative models of transport including public transport, the ferry, bicycles, scooters and motorbikes. Given our central location in Valletta, we will promote these alternative modes over the rented car. Malta offers guests a wide range of greener transport options and the government is committed to grow and nurture a stronger green mobility culture on the island.

V. Community Events

Part of our strategy is to invite and include hotel guests (on a voluntary basis) to events we organise, that support the local community as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. This could be assisting the local community through clean-up campaigns, education events, environmental initiatives, etc. The team at 19 Rooms is also committed to participating in local events and, as a minimum, we organise or participate in 2 community events each year.

To formalise our commitment to being an eco-friendly hotel, we have also started the process of getting an international certification, to ensure that we are aligned to EU standards and it also serves as a means of holding us accountable for what we say we do.

If you are looking for a stylish and sustainable boutique hotel in Valletta, get in touch with us and we’d love to host you!



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